Meyrick makes his mark at Circuit of the Americas

British sports car racing driver Andy Meyrick made his mark in the DeltaWing Racing history books this weekend (21 September) as he became one of two drivers to race the new DeltaWing Coupe in its competitive debut in the inaugural American Le Mans Series (ALMS) Circuit of the Americas race.

The weekend started well for the 28-year old, when he went fastest in the first free practice session. The DeltaWing charger seemed to like the wet and, with more than three inches falling on the circuit in 24 hours, conditions could definitively be described as wet.

Andy was chosen to qualify and the #0 car started the race from third on the grid.

In the first 2.15 hours of the 2.45-hour long race, the car performed well and, after taking over the wheel on the 28th lap, Andy was able to climb through the pack as high as ninth place and recording the car’s fastest lap, a 2:03.266.

With just 30 minutes to go, Andy’s charge was brought to an end when gear-shift issues forced him to retire the car.

“The balance was good,” said Andy. “It’s a very good race car. I could put lap after lap in and it was good in traffic. All the issues that other drivers talk about with coupes, we just don’t have – the visibility was perfect and I could easily double stint the car since the cockpit was so comfortable. The huge step that we’ve made is the cooling – not just for the driver, but with the Élan engine cooling as well.

“We are able to push the car harder and harder now. I’m very encouraged by our performance this week – the car’s shown tremendous pace. We used the race to try out a new compound from Bridgestone and that was a nice improvement as well. So wse’ll take away some positives; it’s a very good starting point.”

Andy next races the DeltaWing in the Oak Tree Grand Prix at Virginia Raceway on 5 October. Follow Andy’s progress on his website or onTwitter using @andymeyrick

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