A Look Back At 2017 And Ahead To 2018

2017 for Andy Meyrick has been an exciting year of new challenges and success through hard work and determination on the track. Off track it’s also been busy as a patron of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and as a soon to be husband to the lovely Rebecca. Here’s a look back at the year now that it’s coming to a close, what Andy has been up to in the off-season and what’s ahead for 2018. 

December 22, 2017, Manchester, UK –

How do you feel the year went?

Generally, really successful season and very happy with how it went. I did more races this season than any other season in my career and it was a fun with both Motorsport98 and Bullitt Racing. A year with podiums and ending with a win has always got to mean a good year!

Aside from that, it was a very interesting experience driving with two teams in two different and new championships to me. Bullitt was a new team, a whole new operation but that’s been good experience for me as I’ve been integral in setting the team up from an operational perspective as well as driving. Both teams are abroad which has its challenges. Bullitt is based in Spain and Motorsport98 in Belgium. Motorsport98 are a very experienced team and they took to running a new car very quickly. It’s been very enjoyable working with talented people across both teams and I’ve been very lucky in that although they’re new teams to me, they are both excellent so I couldn’t be happier.

Best memory?

Final race of the season winning Portimão with Motorsport98. Not just because it was the last race and you judge yourself on your last race, but more because we ended the season with a victory. When you look back at the start of the year the team were a very late LMP3 program and a privateer team, so to be winning races by the end of the first year with a new car, new team, in a series as competitive as the Michelin Le Mans Cup, it was a real success.

Hardest part of the season?

Red Bull Ring in the European GT4 series. Dominant performance all weekend where we were on pole after qualifying and I was quickest in all the practice sessions. The first race we were winning and I handed the car to Stephen who did a brilliant job leading the race until we were told 15-20mins before the end that we had to do a drive through as we were 0.3 of a second under the pit lane window. I understand rules are rules but it was a real shame as it wouldn’t have made a difference to the result and Stephen had a really good pace out on track and it looked like we were going to win. It was a tough one to take as would have been brilliant for the team as they’d done such a good job and Stephen deserved it for his brilliant performance especially considering it was his first season racing. But, we got a podium in the second race so I guess I can’t complain too much!

What have you been up to in the off-season?

  • Managing drivers Seb Morris and Matt Parry. Making sure they have their drives sorted for next year and always looking to help them move their careers forward. I’m very excited for them as they both have some great opportunities for next year which will be announced shortly.
  • Coaching the Team UK drivers Lando Norris, Jordan King and Jack Akin. All the drivers that I get to mentor and work with at Team UK are working at a very high level and Team UK has some very exciting things coming into the program for 2018. Next year will be my ninth year with Team UK and I’m looking forward to it. 

Plans for 2018?

I hope that I will continue to have some of the same opportunities I’ve had this year and I’ve been working hard on myself as well making sure there are some new opportunities too. I just want to be racing at the highest level and work with the good teams that I have been so I’m looking forward to it.

What else has Andy Meyrick been up to recently?

I’ve been working a lot with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital as I’m a patron for them. Fundraising events and handing out Christmas presents is very tough mentally but it’s so rewarding to see the kids so happy when they are going through so much. The role that I play there is so important to me and I feel at this time of the year especially, it’s a great time to bring happiness to the children and their families as much as possible.

I’m also getting married in August 2018 and despite what everyone said to me, I still can’t believe what a big job it is to plan and organise a wedding… Luckily Rebecca is very good at it and is doing the majority! We were also able to find a date that works in around the 2018 racing schedule… I’m a very lucky man to have found such an understanding Mrs!